Auctions and the Common Misconceptions with Andy Stubbs, Marketing Director at Wellers Auctions

1: People only sell expensive items or junk at auctions:

Generally when people think of an auction, their first thought is what they see on TV. David Dickinson, Bargain Hunt and stuffy events for the over 60’s. This couldn’t be farther than the truth! There are many auction houses like ours selling retail items to customers online which can help you to make massive savings.

2: Auctions are only in-person events.

We like to give our customers the choice. During Covid-19 there is of course no bidders in the room, with all of our customers having to bid online however; we have seen this become a bidding preference for our bidders indicating that this method now saves them much more time and that our accurate/detailed descriptions and the trust in our refund policy enables customers to bid with confidence despite not having had the opportunity to view the items prior to the item passing under the hammer.

You can see our full catalogues online for any of our Monday and Thursday retail General Auction via our website

3: You have to pay to attend an auction.

Now this is one of the age old misconceptions of auction houses, and whilst yes some auctions are behind a pay-wall most auction houses operate based on trust and a commitment to pay for the items you win at auction. At Wellers, you can create your free account, enter your personal and billing details and you are ready to start bidding. Yes, it really is as easy as that!

4: Items will not sell for fair market value

There are many lots that pass through auction without a reserve, and this is where big savings can be made! Need items of homeware or kitchenware? The products you find at auction are the exact ones found on the high street, the difference? You can make a saving of up to 50%, if not more on many of these lots.

The items sold vary in condition from new and end-of-line stock to used and customer retail returns, of which are stated in the description which category they fall into.  Other types of items you can grab through our auction house include undelivered parcels and lost property. Believe us when we say you really can buy anything from auction, from clothing and footwear items to the latest Apple products, laptops and smartphones, as well as garden furniture, homeware, children’s toys, kitchenware, tools and tons more!

5: Auction Houses only sell high-end items

We’ve all seen an auction depicted in a TV show or a movie as selling high end fine art pieces, property or vehicles. But our auctions are really for everyone!

If you run a trade stall at a market, are a regular car boot seller, an eBay seller or run your own independent business, or you are simply buying for yourself, buying at auction really is for everyone and our customer base includes people from all walks of life. Our stock varies from week to week and you can buy anything from individual items of both low and high value, as well as buying items of stock in bulk. You also have the opportunity to consign items to our auction, so what’s not to love?

6: All Auction Houses are the same

There are many different types of auction houses, those that sell property, high end artwork, memorabilia, classic and modern cars as well as retail products. You can watch our auctions online and really get to grips with how our auction works for as long as you would like. If you have any questions we will be more than happy to assist you and guide you through what you need to do to bid and how to collect and pay for your items. Doing research is key though, and ensuring you never pay more than you want to. Every auction house will have additional fees on the hammer price, so when you see someone on Bargain Hunt winning an item for £100, they will in fact, depending on the buyers premium charged (BP), be paying potentially up to £150 all in for the item.

7: Expected to bid if attend an auction

Anyone can bid at auction and there isn’t even any pressure to bid if you are a first-timer. In fact, there is a very high probability that you won’t be the only newcomer joining us online. We are available if you have any questions that you would like answered and there is no shame if you are not sure what you need to do to register, or do not fully understand the additional fees, our receptionists will be more than happy to assist you.

We do advise that bidders fully understand what they are bidding on and we offer an additional Condition Report service which you can request on any lot. You can request more images of a lot, its functionality or even just request to know more information about the lot, this way you will have all the information you need to make an informed decision when bidding on the day of the auction.

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