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Free Tech Boost for Guildford’s Homeless, as SocialBox.Biz Team up with University of Surrey to Recycle Surplus Computers

Other organisations urged to donate kit destined for the tip Guildford’s homeless and other vulnerable local people will be the beneficiaries of a new partnership between SocialBox.Biz and the University of Surrey, which will see laptops and desktops no longer of use to the University upgraded and recycled to aid a campaign to reduce digital

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University of Surrey supports Guildford Street Angels scheme for second year

The University of Surrey is providing further financial support to local charity Guildford Street Angels. The £1000 donation will help towards covering the cost of providing their night-time patrols, on Friday and Saturday nights. Guildford Street Angel volunteers have been patrolling Guildford Town Centre at weekends, late at night, since 2008 - listening, caring and

‘No Change’ for Surrey students’ international award-winning film

Two final-year students from the Department of Music and Media have won an international Screen Power Film Festival award, just months after graduating. Written by Zak Jacques and George Kroon, and directed by Zak, the powerful film No Change won the Best Student Short Film monthly award, competing against a further 54 student productions. The film is an unflinching account of

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University of Surrey links up with local business communities to offer a safe welcome to students

After a difficult and damaging period for Surrey businesses hit hard by the Covid-19 slump in business, the University of Surrey has teamed up with the local business community and Guildford Borough Council to ensure students are welcomed back safely to Guildford.   In a collaborative venture, Experience Guildford, the University of Surrey and the

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