Kowalski Delicatessen


Kowalski Delicatessen

4 Pannells Court


Our store offers wide variety of chocolates and sweets, seasonings and canned goods, fruit juices and syrups, teas and coffees of best brands and a great choice of dairies.

You will also find many specialities hard to find anywhere else like dried mushrooms, poppy seeds and barley as well as very tasty high quality traditionally prepared polish meat and cheese products.

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Opening Time

Monday :10:15AM - 6:00PM

Tuesday :10:15AM - 6:00PM

Wednesday :10:15AM - 6:00PM

Thursday :10:15AM - 6:00PM

Friday :10:15AM - 6:00PM

Saturday :10:15AM - 6:0PM

Sunday :10:15AM - 15:00PM

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