Slim Chickens

Slim Chickens

22 Friary Street Guildford Surrey


Famous for its chicken tenders and hugely popular in the USA, Slim Chickens offers good old Southern hospitality, serving up cooked-to-order premium chicken with a side of Blues music – creating a relaxed, casual, but memorable experience.

Slims offers family seating, intimate tables, booths and large platters cooked fresh to order and served in less than 10 minutes. Diners can choose from Slims’ signature buttermilk marinated chicken and house specialities, including crispy tenders, alongside a range of 15 signature dipping sauces including Blue Cheese, Sriracha Garlic and Fiery Inferno – but be warned: it’s seriously hot!

Also on offer is a wide selection of fresh chicken sandwiches, wings, salads and wraps, as well as vegetarian options and sides such as pickles and mac’n’cheese. Drinks include Slims’ famous hand-spun shakes, IPA and unique signature cocktails such as the Corn Star Martini and Whiskey Smash.

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Opening Time

Monday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Tuesday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Wednesday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Thursday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Friday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Saturday :10.30am - 11.30pm

Sunday :10.30am - 11.30pm

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