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In 2010, Malcolm Gilbertson realised he had more in common with gorillas than design agency folk. That’s when he founded Silverback®.

Why does this agency cut corners? I’d rather work this out with them. Isn’t this what we tried to sell the other brand? Hmm, is the client on holiday, I haven’t seen them for weeks?

All reasons why Malcolm decided to start his own company. One that did things the right way, gave two hoots about producing great, original work every time, and treated staff and clients well. No to ‘them’ and ‘us’, yes to ‘hey team!’ At the time, he was reading a book about silverbacks and their troops, and imagined a place where everyone respected each other and worked together towards a common goal, like it was second nature. Beautiful, ay?

That’s why we welcome you into our Troop, to work with us, throwing off the shackles of the traditional client/agency relationship. Building trusting, fun and effortless relationships is what we’re all about – and success follows. Come on in, and see for yourself.

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Silverback Studios Ltd, Palmers Cross, Guildford, GU5 0LL