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What makes ECCO unique…and the most comfortable shoes on earth?

Perfection does not come from machines. It comes from human beings who care about what they do. ECCO constantly aims to defy convention and strives to delight with innovative designs and products without having to compromise on the quality and comfort that lies at the heart of every ECCO product.

We believe form follows function & that style comes not from decoration, but from purposeful elements: Texture, shape, colour, structure & a design’s capacity to express the individual.

We use exceptional materials crafted for enduring function, see Scandinavian design principles applied to all our purses, bags, belts and wallets (for both men and women).

Where did ECCO come from??

Karl Toosbuy (founder in 1963) wanted to make shoes that did not need to be broken in. They should fit like a glove, straight out of the box. That became the beginning of ECCO’s revolutionary philosophy: to create shoes that were more comfortable, lasted longer and enabled people to move naturally.

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