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A safe space to be open and vulnerable, to connect with our hidden truths and be fully who we are.

Expect quiet reflection and connecting in with your body. It will be a time of slowing down and holding space for ourselves and each other. A place to give and receive more empathy and kindness, being more tender and compassionate.

You will leave a little lighter, with a sense of calmness and deep connection to yourself.

Whether you are stressed out or striving for more connection, come and make time to nurture yourself and be met by an atmosphere of support and love.

Karren has always been fascinated by all things health and wellbeing and was blown away by what she learned about herself, her body and the connection between both at her first Listening Circle.

That was many years ago and since Karren has held many circles for men and women of all ages. Karren is a Rosen Method Movement teacher, a Science of Stretching Flexibility Coach and a life long learner of what makes us happier.



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