Surrey Sketchbook Swap

First Session Tuesday 9th July, 5pm - 6pm☀️ and then every alternative Tuesday

Calling all local artists, hobbyists and professionals! 🎨 A brand spanking new sketchbook club will be running every other Tuesday 5-6pm at Art and Grind in Guildford ☕

Whether you're a seasoned pro, casual doodler or totally new to art/creating, you are so welcome to sign up! (It's free, you have just got to treat yourself to a new sketchbook!)

This fortnightly meetup will be for like-minded creatives who want to build a community together. Every session we will swap sketchbooks with each other and have two weeks to fill out as many pages as you like. Then it'll be passed on to another person at the session after... And the cycle continues. 📚

Fibre Club

First Session Thursday 11th July 5pm - 7pm and then every alternative Thursday

This is an informal 'knit and natter' in our cafe where anyone can come and bring a current project or get ideas for the next over a cup of your favourite beverage, and a bakery treat if you like! Some knit, crochet, needlepoint, cross stitch, weave, tat and more!

For more information about our events click here or email us [email protected]


Art & Grind

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  • 9 Jul, 2024

Surrey Sketchbook Swap - Alternative Tuesday's *Fibre club - Alternative Thursday's

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