Welcome to our first ever event! Join us for a lively discussion on our book of the month. 'The Lagos Wife' by Vanessa Walters. Whether you're an avid reader or just starting your literary journey, this event is perfect for everyone who wants to meet new people and talk books!

Bits to remember:

Date - Wednesday 26 June Time - 7-9pm Venue - The March Hare, 2-4 South Hill, Guildford GU1 3SY

About the book: Nicole Oruwari has the perfect life: a handsome husband, a palatial house in the heart of Lagos and a glamorous group of friends. She left London and a troubled family past behind to become part of a community of expat wives.

But when Nicole disappears without a trace after a boat trip, the cracks in her so-called perfect life start to show. As the investigation turns up nothing but dead ends, her aunt Claudine flies to Nigeria to take matters into her own hands. As she digs into her niece's life, she uncovers a hidden truth. But the more she finds out about Nicole, the more Claudine's own buried history threatens to come to light.

Ticket prices:

Tickets are £13 but if you cannot afford them then just drop us an email at: [email protected] and we'll see what we can do. Likewise with the book... or why not check it out from your local library, second-hand shop, Kindle or book swap with a friend?

Refund policy:

We are over the moon that our events are becoming so popular, so because of that we have made are operating a no refund policy. We are more than happy for you to use your ticket for a future book club, or to give your ticket to a fellow book club member, but as of 2024 - we will no longer giving refunds. Apologies in advance!

Feminist Book Club House Rules:

We welcome feminists from all walks of life and backgrounds, and this group is open to everyone - we want this to be a fully inclusive space.

You don’t need to be an ‘expert feminist’ (whatever that means) to be involved - we want to read books that everyone can enjoy, and that cater to people’s different experiences and understandings of feminism;

This is primarily a social space, for meeting and getting to know like-minded people - so while feminism can be a heavy topic, we hope to keep this more on the fun side;

This is a judgement free zone - don’t belittle or undermine other members, or those who don’t have the same ideas as you. Don’t shut down other people’s views and be respectful;

If you feel like anyone goes against any of these values, let us know!


The March Hare

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  • From:
  • 26 Jun, 2024
  • Start time
  • 19:00
  • End time:
  • 21:00

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