In January Busylizzy Guildford introduced baby cuddlers to our Mummy & Me fitness classes.

Our fabulous team of retired mums come along and cuddle / rock / play with babies to allow new mums to get the most out of our fitness classes.

Busylizzy runs a range of postnatal fitness classes at Glive – pilates, yoga, aerobics and bootcamp that mums can bring their babies along to.  Having a team of baby cuddlers at the classes offering to help with any unsettled babies has massively improved the experience for Busylizzy mums as it enables them to enjoy the class without interruption but while still being able to see their baby is safe and happy.

Busylizzy member Yvonne says “I have found the baby cuddlers to be brilliant, not only have they entertained and cuddled my baby which in turn is introducing my baby to additional people she would not have the opportunity to do otherwise, they are also supporting me to return to a better level of fitness.”

Caroline simply says “The baby cuddlers are fantastic!”

Liliana adds “The idea to have the retired mums cuddling babies during the fitness classes is perfect.”

Sandra, a baby cuddler says ““What a lovely rewarding volunteering job to do, the beautiful smiles and giggles from all the babies and knowing how much the Mums enjoy us looking after their little ones while they can get on with their exercises.
Always get lots of praise and thank you’s from the grateful Mums.”

Anna Jolley, Busylizzy Guildford owner said,  “This has been such a success – not only are our members having an even better experience when they come along to our classes but the baby cuddlers have something lovely to do with their time.  I only wish I had thought of it when my own little ones were young enough for me to attend these classes!”

Busylizzy Guildford not only runs postnatal fitness classes but also a range of baby and toddler classes and pregnancy fitness classes – everything parents could want from pregnancy until their little ones go to school!

To find out more about Busylizzy classes or becoming a baby cuddler, contact or visit our website –