The Council has agreed to adopt a new procurement strategy 2020-23, to enable the Council to achieve significant savings while also procuring goods, works and services more effectively.

The strategy encourages sustainable and proportionate economic growth in the borough to help provide the prosperity and employment that residents need, which includes improving our business networks. It will also contribute a significant £1.2m of annual savings to the organisation’s Future Guildford Transformation Programme which aims to save £10m over four years and improve customer experience through integrated technology.
Areas under review which will contribute to the savings target include access security and security services, cleaning, hygiene services, temporary staffing and procurement cards. We are also looking to review contracts across the board, particularly with key strategic suppliers.
Cllr Tim Anderson, Lead Councillor for Resources says:
“Our procurement strategy will focus extensively on issues that provide social value to our residents, visitors and our environment. We are in the process of purchasing new domestic refuse collection vehicles which are more efficient as well as electric minibuses which will help to keep the streets of Guildford cleaner and greener by reducing CO2 emissions.
“We want to make a positive difference to those who live in our borough. Part of the new fleet will include electric minibuses for our Dial-a-Ride service which helps those who have mobility problems get around. One of the top four contracts we are procuring includes property adaptations for older and disabled People. We want to do what we can to improve our residents’ everyday lives.
“The rebuilding of Midleton Industrial Estate will enter its £7m 2/3 Phase starting on 1 July 2020. As Guildford bounces back from the Covid 19 lockdown, the need for higher yielding property has never been more important. The new Midleton Industrial Estate will generate significant income for the borough through lettings. Behind these eye-catching projects and numbers is a fundamental change to the way our procurement operates. The Future Guildford programme and understanding spending across the council is materialising. The new finance and HR system will go live in July. All these changes are designed to improve quality and reduce cost.”
The Council will also focus on procurement on more substantial issues. Since adopting a modern slavery motion in February, the Council has committed to applying the safeguarding policies and procedures to any purchasing activity. Other issues being targeted include climate change.
Cllr Tim Anderson adds: “COVID-19 has been extremely hard for many local businesses and so we are modifying our buying strategy to prioritise local SME’s and working on improving our relationships and networks in our borough.  We are also looking at how we can further influence buying powers by working with other boroughs.”