Catalyst distribute crochet butterflies around community for HOPE Project

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Frankie Gale

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Frankie Gale

A Catalyst for HOPEItalic

**Local Surrey mental health and wellbeing charity, Catalyst have teamed up with Surrey County Council to help spread hope and awareness across the county.

Hope can mean something different for everyone, whether it be going for walks, shopping trips, or crocheting – these are all activities that Catalyst have offered to people in Surrey over the past few months. Their latest adventure as part of The HOPE Project will involve members of the public and social media.

Butterflies for HOPE Project ** Catalyst clients have recently crocheted 170 little butterflies at their wellbeing drop-ins. They plan to distribute these within the local community. The special thing about these butterflies is that on the back, there is a QR code. **If you find a butterfly, scan the QR code and you will be taken to a page on their website where a message of hope can be written for people in our community. ** We spoke to a member of the Catalyst team who said:

“Our plan is to spread hope across Surrey and help someone who might need it”Italic

Get Involved

If you find a butterfly, scan the QR code and then leave a message on our ‘HOPE’ digital noticeboard. You can also help raise awareness on social media by taking a photo of the butterfly, uploading it to Facebook / Instagram and using the hashtag #butterflies4hopesurrey

If you don’t find a butterfly, but would like to get involved, you can visit our Butterflies for HOPE page to view or create a message of ‘HOPE’ for others to see:

About the projectUnderline

This project aims to provide a variety of workshops and activities that will have a positive impact on emotional and mental wellbeing, embedding mental health promotion and building communities and connectedness. The outcomes from all the sessions will be displayed in an exhibition in June location TBC to demonstrate how the groups have all worked to deliver the aim of the project.

HOPE stands for:

**Honouring ** **Opportunity and ** Possibility for Everyone