If passion were a colour, it would be called Cerise. The truest red of all, Cerise has long been Le Creuset’s cherry on top – an iconic colourway at the heart of many family traditions and beautiful meals. This enduring red pays homage to the French heritage of Le Creuset, evoking the rich plummy wines of the Rhône and market baskets bursting with juicy, ruby-coloured cherries.


Inspired by France’s inimitable passion for life, Cerise is a colour that perfectly captures the joy of togetherness, whether sharing a morning coffee ritual or communing with loved ones al fresco over a glass of wine. Its rich, gradated red positively glows with depth, inviting food lovers to indulge, experience, and enjoy.


As classic as a red rose and as luscious as a ripe tomato, Cerise makes a bold statement on its own but also beckons and flatters every palette. It adds a warm depth to other fiery tones, and its appeal endures for generations thanks to its timelessly colourful attitude.


Make a Bold Statement with Cerise

Le Creuset invites food lovers everywhere to make this classic and charming colour part of their own meaningful traditions. Rediscover Cerise in an extensive range of Enamelled Cast Iron cookware, oven-to-table Stoneware, and various kitchen accessories.


About Le Creuset

Since 1925, Le Creuset has inspired people everywhere to create joy in the kitchen and around the table. Beloved by home cooks and master chefs alike, we’re honoured to share in the meals, memories and traditions made by food lovers around the world.


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