SocialBox.Biz has teamed up with the University of Surrey for the Real Change Guildford  homelessness support group striving to help people access technology. With access to laptops and computers, individuals can then take courses and learn employable skills to help them gain employment and get back on their feet.


How Collaboration Continues to Make a Difference


Recent case studies prove that our collaboration on this project is making a difference in many lives.


AQ is one of several people who’ve benefited from the contribution of laptops. Realizing he didn’t have much job security with his current positions and having the desire to become qualified for meaningful jobs that would allow him to earn a livable income, he wanted to take educational courses. Unfortunately, he didn’t have the technology to do so. The laptop donation allowed him to further his education, gaining the education needed to get better positions with excellent job security to conquer homelessness and provide a better life for himself.


While AQ is one of several people benefiting from the contribution, DF is another person who has managed to use the donated technology to his advantage. Before the donation, DF relied heavily on his phone and computers at the local library to get work done. However, the laptop he recently received is making his journey of getting back to work that much easier. It’s allowing him to create a professional resume and apply for positions that will help him get back on his feet and make a better life for himself in no time.


Your Contribution Can Change Lives for the Better


SocialBox.Biz want to ensure that everyone has access to technology at their fingertips.


“We’re helping the disadvantaged within our communities by donating technology that allows them to stay connected with loved ones, apply for jobs, and even take courses to further their education and improve their chances of getting hired. Our recent partnership with the University of Surrey is making such a significant difference, but we’re still looking for help to put an end to tech poverty.”

Our goal has always been to provide technology to those in need, making it more accessible in and around the UK. The University of Surrey is helping us on our mission to make a difference by regularly donating a surplus of laptops to help us support the homeless while making it possible for them to overcome the obstacles they’re facing in life. ” Commented the team at SocialBox.Biz


If you’re a business owner in Surrey or other areas of the UK with any no longer needed but still usable tech available, we kindly ask that you consider jumping in on this opportunity to make a contribution  on an ongoing basis. Contributing to our initiative allows you to help others turn their lives around. We live in a technologically advanced world, but many people are still going without the tech basics, such as a working laptop or computer with access to the internet for even basic necessities. We’re hoping you can help us stop this problem. No contribution is too big or too small for us! We look forward to working with incredible organizations ready to ensure that everyone living in the UK has access to technology.