We have been working extremely hard behind the scenes at Turnfit to evolve our brand and to bring you, our clients, some incredible concepts that are unique to Turnfit and will make you fitter, stronger and more functionally balanced than ever.

Our new look studio will launch on Monday 7th September and we would like to say a huge thank you to everyone as you have been so accommodating whilst we have been making these changes around you working out rather than us having to close the studio. As always, safety remains the top of our priority list.

It wasn’t a simple task to reposition our offering, but following the evolution of the fitness industry and the widespread access to online and home workouts, we felt that we wanted to offer unique and functionally effective workouts that could not be done from home. To be as flexible as possible we have added to our Autumn timetable lunchtime and evening sessions for you to enjoy.

Our three studios are the Fire Studio, Earth Studio and Water Studio.  Each studio offers its own range of activities. We have arranged our classes to ensure that they are socially distanced and safe.


For more information and to book classes, please visit www.turnfit.co.uk or call us on 01483574400.