I need your help! After a neighbour raised money for the NHS Charities, I thought what can I do, but for a local charity?

So, I am going to shave my beard for Guildford Action a local charity that helps the homeless and disadvantaged families in the area. Many charities are having a hard time at present and are a good organisation to support.  Please see Guildford Action’s website for more information: https://www.guildfordaction.org.uk/

I am very attached to my beard, I have had it about 40 years, but it will be shaved off on Thursday 21st May just after the regular NHS clapping.

My wife will take some images at stages to show progress and these will be posted on social media soon afterwards.

Donations can be made via my Facebook Page https://en-gb.facebook.com/vic.quayle. For more information on me please see my website at http://www.vicquayle.com/  Alternatively send a donation direct to Guildford Action. And remember to take advantage of Gift Aid (if appropriate).

Please do contact me for any further information.

Many thanks.

Vic Quayle