Surrey Police Presents Award To Experience Guildford

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Amanda Masters

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Amanda Masters

Business Crime Reduction Partnership Commendation from Surrey Police

The team at Experience Guildford, led by Peter Lambert, works in partnership with Surrey Police and Guildford Borough Council to help keep Guildford a safe and welcoming town.

They are responsible for a number of initiatives to tackle anti social behaviour issues, working alongside localbusinesses, Surrey Police and the local authorities.

The implementation of DISC, an online reporting tool used by local businesses to highlight and share lower level crime and prolific offender updates. This system can alert over 200 businesses within 5 minutes of key news such as counterfeit currency, bulk theft and known offenders. This hub of information helps to build prosecution cases by pushing reports directly to Surrey Police.

Experience Guildford also operate Blitz days to detect, deter and detain individuals in the process of causing ASB or shoplifting.

Town rangers are an extremely friendly and approachable team working daily to address anti social behaviour issues.

They are the eyes and ears of the town centre and liaise between businesses, local authorities and the Police. Town link radios are issued to maintain the communication and information sharing.

Additionally Taxi Marshals and Night Bus Security are a calming presence to reduce violent crime at the taxi rank on weekend nights has reduced related crime by 80% since thir introduction in 2014.

Experience Guildford administers the ‘Best Bar None’ scheme to assess hospitality venues, their standards and best working practices. This is a nationally acclaimed scheme that contributes to the reduction of crimes in venues and surrounding areas.

They have revitalised the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign to incorporate domestic violence and provide training across Guildford venues. Establishing Welfare Champions who use their skills to identify those vulnerability and exploitation to create an intervention and signpost accordingly.

The Team, led by Peter, has introduced a Business Crime Reduction Partnership into the town, which contributes to the reduction in offending and the increase in crime and intelligence reporting.

All of these innovative and valuable schemes and initiatives contribute to the reduction in crime and enable the communities of Guildford to enjoy the benefits, freedom and enjoyment of living in a vibrant town.

Pete Lambert, Town Safety and Venue Liaison Manager says: "I felt very humbled, very honoured and very proud to have Experience Guildford and the BCRP nominated for this commendation from Surrey Police. I am really pleased with the progress over the past couple of years and now we have gained some amazing recognition for the hard work that the partnership has achieved.

Thank you everyone for your support and thank you Jane Lyons for nominating us."

(Pictured: Vicky Hickson- The Friary Guildford centre manager and BCRP vice-chair; Dave Kirk- Town Ranger Manager; Pete Lambert- Town Safety and Venue Liaison Manager and BCRP chair; Emma White- Town Safety and Venue Liaison Officer)