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This event is part of our Window on the World talk series, which explores a wide variety of topics on weekday afternoons.

In this unprecedented year we have faced many challenges. Just as it took us time to find ways of coping during lockdown, we must also expect that it will take time to find our way back, and to reconnect with life. For many of us, the pandemic has increased our anxiety, or intensified the matters we suffer or struggle with in life.

However,  we would like to offer you the tools to find a positive path into a better future with the help of Carmen O’Connor, a therapist based at The Guildford Institute.

Carmen has practiced complementary therapy since 2000.  She specializes in the Body-Mind Connection, supporting clients with a range of skills and experience to get to the source of their pain; emotionally, mentally, physically and energetically.  She is a qualified Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Reiki Master Teacher, Clinical Massage and Bach Flower Remedies therapist.  One of the pillars of her practice is “what goes on in the mind can manifest in the body”, so she helps clients with observing and listening to their body and mind to enable shifts forward into more peaceful and happy ways of living.

She is also a published author having written ‘The Integrity of Love’, which draws from Carmen’s own life and healing journey, and also her experience of working with clients for almost 20 years.
Carmen will give you some top tips to emerge from lockdown with confidence.  There will also be an opportunity to ask questions and take away some useful strategies to help in daily life.

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