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New House Art Space has partnered with local photographers Kayt Webster Brown and Lauren Thompson to bring you: INSIDE OUT, an exhibition partly funded by Guildford Arts, documenting and highlighting mental health issues using subjects from the locality. The exhibition will take place 13th-21st May 2023 as part of National Mental Health Awareness Week, with a private view on the 12th of May between 7-9pm.

Kayt‘s portrait will represent the version of the subject that exists on the outside, that the world sees, whilst Lauren’s portrait will be a more abstract reflection of the version of the subject that lives on the inside, the version that the outside world is usually less privy to.

Rather than a standard photoshoot set up of ‘photographer shoots subject’, this was a ‘subject led’ collaboration between photographer and subject – a means of giving people a voice and a way of expressing themselves without having to find words for how they feel.

Portrait subjects have been asked to respond to the questions ‘who are you on the inside?’ and ‘who are you on the outside?’ on blank postcards in any medium they chose. They have sent their interpretation in an envelope to the gallery ready to exhibit alongside the final portraits. Postcards and materials will be available at the private view for people to engage with the exhibition further and create their own interpretations of themselves and who they are, inside and out. They will be able to hang these up in the gallery if they choose.

local mental health charity Oakleaf will be doing a short talk on the night and spreading awareness of their services. They will also be running a raffle to help raise funds for the charity.

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