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Chin Waggers – For business people who like to walk the walk and talk the talk!

About this Event

After a career in advertising left him burnt out, Marc Caulfield set up Demolish the Wall to help improve mental health for everyone at work. Marc’s energy and love for what he does is infectious and anyone who knows him will agree that he’s driven by a desire to help others, he’s also self effacing and refreshingly honest.

Demolish the Wall is one of the country’s leading mental health in the workplace consultancies, working with employers as a silent partner to establish practical, streamlined frameworks for stress mitigation which incorporates legal compliance and best practice. Investing just £80 per employee in promoting wellbeing at work is believed to reduce sickness absence by nearly £700 per person. Screening employees for depression and offering them treatment is believed to offer an x4 return on investment alone.

Come and join in with other like minded souls and listen to Marc’s compelling story about his life, his universe and everything that matters to him.

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