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Sleepy Hollow is an ancient place with a bloody history.

A town full of deadly secrets.

A town that will stop at nothing to keep itself safe.

When Ichabod Crane becomes the teacher in Sleepy Hollow, he arrives with a sense of wonderment. Catching the eye of wealthy heiress Katrina Von Tassel he decides she’s the woman he’s going to marry come what may. What he doesn’t realise is that he is about to unleash the very devil himself – the Headless Horseman, a creature doomed for eternity to seek a terrifying revenge.

Nothing explores the dark heart of American Gothic better than this classic tale of love, revenge and bone chilling evil.

Tilted Wig returns with an exhilarating new telling of this American Gothic story full of tricks and thrills. When Ichabod Crane becomes the teacher in Sleepy Hollow, an ancient place full of deadly secrets, his decisions could cost him greatly.

100 Early Bird Tickets  @ £20 available from general on sale date (Thursday 20th May.)

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